Best House Painters Perth | How to choose

There is no dearth of painting service providers in Perth and Western Australia. Since a quality house painting should last for at least a decade, choosing the right painters for your house can be extremely difficult.

In this post, we intend to outline a few parameters which should help you in hiring the best House Painters Perth. Remember, that it is easy to be ripped off your hard earned money by the mediocre painting providers whereas the right painting contractor can beautify your residential and therefore transform its aesthetic appeal to a whole new level. So let’s get started.

Residential Interior Painting

  1. Acquire bids from multiple contractors: – People tend to settle down on the initial contractors partly due to unwilling to contact a plethora of other House Painters Perth. Not only will you get the best quotes by contacting the others but quality suggestions too.

Bids that are too high should be avoided and that are too low should raise your eyebrow. Healthy competition drives the companies to provide the best painting services; however, the bottom line remunerations is usually synonymous with the low quality work.

  1. Portfolio: – A portfolio should brief you up about the quality and experience of the House Painters Perth painting service. You could step further by requesting to contact the clientele. This approach usually causes Goosebumps to the incompetent painting providers, but the authentic House Painters Perth will confidently allow you that.
  1. Time and the number of coatings: – Painting estimates are largely based on the number of hours that will be required to complete the job. On an average, three layers are needed to obtain the lustre that will prevail for at least three years. Inquire the painting company about these aspects
  1. Choosing the right paint: – The painting contractor must be aware of using the right paint for its colour, type, finish and quality. It is important to grill the prospects with questions like the importance of LRV (Light Refractive Index)

Choosing between the House Painters Perth and roof painting company

It is no doubt that a roof painting company is involved explicitly in painting only the roof. The surface of the roof is different from the outside and inside walls of the house, and it requires high-end treatments like the karacher job for wiping out the dust, mites, and moss, lichen growth.

ATC Painting, on the other hand, performs water blast for the roof whose pressure ranges anywhere in between 3000- 4000 PSI. There cannot be any trace of dust, mites and other pathogenic allergens with such a powerful treatment.

ATC Painting | The best House Painters Perth

House painters, in general, have a terrible reputation in Perth due to an overwhelming number of painting providers at cheap rates.

ATC Painting stands by work ethic and experience and therefore has always charged standard rates for both residential as well as commercial properties.

If you would like free quotes from our painting services, just let us know on 0416 923 030, and it is assurance that our sales people will provide the best suggestions for your house painting.