Art and technology- what more could you ask for?

It’s a genuine fact that modern technology offers unknown territories in art and science to explore, which is the fascinating thing for aspiring creative designers and artists. Both art and technology have been crucial to the evolution of humankind; art is generally regarded as the reflection of emotions, desires or thoughts, which are expressed through some visual ways.

On the other hand, technology is the practical application of knowledge for practical purposes. Technology has enabled artists over the years to explore new art forms and to reach out to a global audience. Many people also argue that the computer code which is written to give instructions to the electronic devices on what to do and how to do, is also an art form, as it is a reliable means of human expression.

There are a lot of application development platforms out there, like Adevi where creative design can meet the 21st-century modern tools and technology to make a customised, user experience for the users. Many companies and brands are focusing on the UI designs on their web apps, now more than ever, to make them interesting and easy for their customers to use.

Technology and art collectively are reshaping the world we live in and bringing it to the digital age. Technology enables us to re-imagine what we knew before and understand the limits of human creativity and knowledge with the help of new experiments and inventions. Technology is challenging the way we look at art and on the things around us in general. It is providing us with new perspectives to see things and to interpret them.

 Art in the modern age is not limited to pen and chisel but has come a far away from the traditional means and modes of creativity. Today, Technology is as important to art as to any other discipline. It has made a breakthrough in art and has introduced new forms of art which were previously unknown. One of the best things about being an artist is the ability to go beyond and swim in the unknown shores. Technology gives the freedom to the creative designers to explore in the previously unknown possibilities in digital art and create new masterpieces like never before with the help of latest tools and technology.

Ways in which Art and Technology combined

Technology has had an enormous influence on the field of art. It has given new tools and set new trends, eventually blurring the boundaries between the conventional meaning of Art and modern digital art. Many designers are implementing new techniques and tools to discover new pieces of artwork. Now, creativity is not limited to galleries and displays, it is available everywhere, thanks to the internet and smartphones. You can view an art piece with the flick of your fingertip; it’s that easy.

Following are how art and technology combine:

  • Digital art- A change like art and how people interact with it, there are digital art museums all over the world which can give an idea of the popularity of the art form.
  • Special effects- The primary feature of Sci-Fi movies is a form of art as well. It used special tools and technology to create masterpieces.
  • AI- According to many researchers, Artificial intelligence along with other immersive learning technologies, such as augmented and virtual reality is the modern art forms, as they involve a lot of creativity and perform according to human behaviour and personality.
  • Coding- Many people are of the opinion that coding is also a form of art as computer code tells the machines what to do and how to do, it is also an expression of human emotions and behaviour which is what art is all about.