Are Classified Websites Beneficial for Expats of UAE?

 The advertising world changed twenty years ago completely. Online advertisements are on their peak today and this change was only possible due to social media and display networks. Marketers can now target a specific audience group depending on their affinity, as well as personalize ad content to their consumers with online behavioral advertising and is accessible by most small & medium scale businesses as most of this online marketing services are affordable, if done right.

Whereas, all these times classified ads were sitting quietly. In recent years only, you might have seen some significant movement from them. Though Craiglist was around from 1995, it grew rapidly from around 2005. OLX was launched in 2006, and now it has spread over 70 countries.

Even giants like Facebook knows the value of classifieds. In 2009, Facebook launched its marketplace, but they relaunched it again as Facebook Marketplace 2.0 in 2016.

Is the classified market big?

As e-commerce & ISPs grew, so as the number of mobile users is increasing day by day, and most of the people these days browse the internet from their smartphones rather than using their desktop or laptops, this shift in devices is one of the primary factors that is driving forward the classifieds industry in the UAE.

As per a survey conducted by Statista’s forecast, the online classifieds industry’s revenue is around 19.974, USD, and it will grow 8.2% in the next four years.

If you are in the UAE, you can post an ad on the largely used classified website like ELANAT.COM. You will save your money and time if you put your ad there. If you are a buyer, you should visit the website for the best products or services available in the UAE as well as get them at a lower price.

Benefits of Classified Ads

Following are the benefits of classified ads:

  • Target Your Market

You can target the audience who are interested in buying the products or services you offer by placing your ad in the right category of the classified portal. People can also easily reach you within seconds as most of the classifieds websites in the UAE provide seller contact details for free & without any signup. The products or services you offer, are easily searched from the Search Bar in the portals as most of them have very powerful search functionality.

  • Accessibility

The accessibility of millions of people all around the UAE can notice your classified ad and get aware of your products or services. Both the sellers and the buyers just need a device, such as a computer or mobile, that can connect to the internet. It is so much easy!

  • Save Money and Time

When you make an ad for television, it costs you a lot. If you are going to make the ad yourself or you hire an agency to make the ad, both will cost you some amount of money as TV Commercials are not for individuals. If you are thinking to put the ad on a newspaper or magazine, that will too cost you some money. But online classified ads are mostly free until you feature them. The time you will need is just writing and posting the ad, apart than that you don’t have to spend any minute.

  • Flexibility

You can change your ads at any time. You can add something in your ad, or remove something, or edit the ad any time you want to do. People are always moving in & out of the UAE. So, selling & buying goods through online platforms is fast & easy.

  • Lead Conversion

When your ad is posted, your brand name, address, phone number and email can also be displayed. So, interested customers will necessary research about you and your company easily before making a decision.

All the above points prove, why classifieds websites are such a big hit in the UAE.

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