ant Raw Material Supplier to Your facility? Here are the Questions to Ask

Are you a manufacturer and want to enhance your production capacity. There are several things that you must get right. These include human resources, the production system, and product development. But the most important of all is the raw materials supply. Even if you have all the facilities but lack raw materials, your facility will not work. Therefore, how do you know the ideal supplier for long term raw materials supply? You need to ask the following questions. 

Do You Have the Right Resources to Make the Products I Need? 

This question is very important because it helps you to take a deeper look at the supplier’s capability to deliver what you want. For example, if your manufacturing unit is in the metallurgical niche, insist on understanding how the supplier acquires the product. In this niche, dealing directly with mining companies as opposed to middle-dealers is a great idea. 

Are You Legit? Can You Supply in My Country? 

For any business to operate, whether locally or abroad, it has to be legit. Therefore, you need to establish whether the supplier is licensed to operate. By dealing with a legit company, the risk of getting entangled into unnecessary and costly legal battles can be avoided. But you should not stop there. 

Go ahead and establish whether the supplier is allowed to supply in your country. This is crucial because there are administrations that ban products from countries that are deemed unfriendly to them. Also, insist on getting the breakdown of the cost of supplying the materials to your facility. Do not shy from throwing counter-offers to press the supplier to lower the cost. 

Do You Have Minimum Order Requirements? 

Because industrial production is a complex process, most manufacturers focus on bulk production to reduce the cost of production. Therefore, you should ask the supplier about the minimum order requirements. Then, review this notion from the view of your facility’s production capacity. But this is not the only way that companies use to cut costs. Some have adopted green sources of energy such as wind while others have automated their systems. 

Do You Have Discounted Offers for Long-term Clients? 

This question will help you to establish whether there are special benefits of working with the supplier. Even if the supplier says there are no special offers, this question gives an edge to open a discussion about discounts for entering into long-term engagement. Well, do not spare any effort to try and get the supplies at a lower cost. 

By asking suppliers these questions, you will be able to gauge their ability and commitment to help you march to success. Do not just pick any supplier out there: go for the best!


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