All you need to know about party halls

Are you in charge of the annual conference in your office? Or are you just looking for a place where you can host your child’s birthday party? In both cases, what you require is a private party hall. Most restaurants nowadays have private party halls to host big events.

In the past, big parties were thrown at home, with caterers and professional waiting staff handling most of the work leaving the hosts free to socialize. As the square footage of homes has begun to shrink, throwing big parties at home is now next to impossible. So unless you have a big palatial house, you have no option but to book Le Crystal reception hall to throw a decent sized party.


One of the biggest advantages of party halls is that you need not worry about food or waiters. They are attached to restaurants which mean the food will be supplied from there as well. You can choose a fixed menu and get the food arranged in a buffet, or you can let the guests choose from the menu card and order their dishes themselves. Usually, for big parties like office parties, the first option is better. A fixed menu will mean that you will have the flexibility to choose per plate price, with small private parties it’s not a big consideration because there will be less people so even if they choose their own food; the expense wouldn’t be all that much.

What kinds of parties are ideal?

All the halls of a restaurant aren’t just meant for big events; there are smaller rooms that can accommodate smaller groups of 10 or less. So, you can use such rooms for reunions, retirement parties, family get together, graduation party etc. The bigger rooms are more suited for office events, wedding receptions, birthday parties, anniversaries etc.

How to choose

The key factors contributing in a choice of private party halls would be the number of attendees, type of cuisine and your budget. You should also consider how loud and boisterous the party is going to get. For example, a birthday party with a lot of kids is going to be noisy, so you will probably need a party hall that is located on a separate floor from the restaurant proper. You will also have to check out how safe the place is for children. But if you are having a workplace-related event, then the noise or the safety might not be as important.