All there is to know about vacuum pumps

Otto von Guericke in the year 1650 invented vacuum pumps. Vacuum pumps are used for many scientific as well as industrial purposes. There are various types of vacuum pumps and used for several purposes.

Types of vacuum pumps:

  • Gas Transfer pumps
  1. Positive displacement pumps.
  2. Kinetic vacuum pumps.
  • Entrapment transfer pumps.

Gas Transfer pumps:

Gas transfer pumps can be divided into two states, positive displacement pumps and kinetic pumps.

Positive displacement vacuum pump: In this type of pumps, gas-filled vacuum cyclically is isolated and removed from the inlet, and then the gas is compressed and directed to the outlet. There are also two more subdivisions of this pump:

  • Reciprocating positive displacement pump.
  • Rotary positive displacement pumps.

Kinetic Vacuum Pumps: In this type of pump, the gas is continuously directed to the outlet from the inlet. They are of two sub-types:

  • Vapor diffusion pump.
  • Turbomolecular pump.

Entrapment Vacuum Pump: In this type of vacuum pump, sorption retains the molecules of either combination of chemicals or condensation by the internal surfaces of the pump. They are also two sub-categories:

  • Sputter-ion pump
  • Cryogenic pump

Following are some purposes vacuum pumps are used for:

Freeze drying:

For preserving foods from decaying, like perishable foods, freeze drying is used. In this process, the food is pressurized using heat and vacuum pump. The frozen water present in the food directly converts into a gaseous state without going to liquid state.

Medical use:

While doing suctioning, the use of the vacuum pump is necessary. In other medical processes like radiotherapy or radiosurgery, use of vacuum pumps is unavoidable.


The coating is the process of putting coats on for decoration or over glass surfaces using vacuum pumps. At a fast constant speed, coatings are applied to materials through a coater with the help of vacuum pump. Hard coatings are also applied to the Formula 1 cars.

Air conditioning:

Removing contaminants from air conditioners is necessary before the refrigerant is used to charge it with the help of vacuum pumps.

Flight Instruments:

The gyroscope is used for measuring rational angular velocity in flight. This is an essential instrument for flights, and vacuum pumps operate some gyroscopes. Also, there are other purposes too in managing a flight vacuum pumps are used.

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