All About Finding A Proficient Architect For Your Commercial Project!

It goes without saying that commercial projects usually trend to be more complex, bigger in scale and typically involve big budgets. Expectedly, the role of an architect in the project is an important one, and it is more than important to find an architecture firm that specializes in the commercial sector. Many firms, such as Stendel + Reich, deal with commercial and residential projects alike. This brings us to the question – How can you select the right commercial architect for your project? Here are the things to check.

  1. Experience counts. Commercial projects need precise planning, and architects usually have to deal with the practical challenges that crop up with land use and other aspects. Undoubtedly, experience is the most relevant factor that matters. How many years the firm has been in business? Who are their regular clients? Will they offer references on request? These are just a few basic questions worth asking.
  2. Portfolio says it all. Commercial architects are expected to have a profile worth boasting about. Since we are talking about big projects here, finding relevant details from the market isn’t hard either. You have to check what they have done, whether they have handled private and public projects, and if they have the resources and design expertise to manage a project like yours.
  3. The initial consultation is important. No matter how promising a firm may sound, you have to seek an initial appointment, which is usually for free, but allows you to understand what the firm can bring to the table. Architects and design experts from the team will listen out things before suggesting solutions, and they should be able to give an idea of how the project will shape up.
  4. Check the important aspects. In case of architects and firms, you have to find more about accreditations and affiliations. Check if the firm is a part of the required professional bodies and the kind of reputation they have in the market. Even with big firms, you have the right ask about the educational background and expertise of the designers and architects working for your project.
  5. Discuss more on project management. Architects have a big role in ensuring that commercial project shape up as expected, and therefore, they should have some say in project management. How they will work on the deadlines and the kind of assistance they can offer before, during and after construction are aspects to check.

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