9 Effective Ways To Create Content On The Road

Whether through a blog, Instagram, Facebook or Youtube, documenting your travels and sharing them with the world is a fun way to not only connect with other travelers, but provide a decent source of income to fuel your adventure.

  1. Stay Inspired

Perhaps the most important thing is to keep yourself inspired. It’s not easy to create content if you are not inspired, but luckily, it is almost impossible to not feel inspired on the open road. Travel far and wide, and step outside of your comfort zone.  Maybe now is the time to snag that video checklist from squareship and plan the explainer video you’ve been meaning to record. Likewise, maybe it’s time to put work aside and go to an amusement park.

Great content comes from those who are most passionate and inspired. Pay attention to what your heart wants and your gut says, and stop listening to that brain of yours so much. Keep yourself in an inspired, positive environment. If you are in a place where you don’t feel good energy, move to the next place that catches your eye. Being on the road gives you the freedom to stay inspired and nurture your creative intuition, so let your creativity bloom.

  1. Make Deadlines

If you want to consistently make content, be sure to give yourself deadlines so you don’t fall behind. This is a great way to practice self-discipline and ensure you aren’t leaving your followers waiting around for more. It is important to know that if you give yourself deadline that you should stress too hard about it, just be realistic with yourself and get it done.

It’s best to never rush yourself or force anything. Just take a step back from whatever it is that you are working on, and come back to it the next day with a fresh, new mindset.

  1. Know Your Voice

In order to create content of any kind, it’s important to know your voice first. What message do you want to convey? How do you want to make others feel? Are you presenting the best version of yourself to the world? These are all great questions to ask yourself frequently. Even if you aren’t sure of the answers yet! They’ll come to you eventually. After that, it is even more important to accept your voice and to stop judging it so much. Let your thoughts be your thoughts.

There are far too many people out there showing the world the wrong side of themselves. Unfilter yourself. Be vulnerable. People will appreciate you for you, not the made up version. Putting yourself out there can be scary, but as a radical act of self-love, it is a beautiful adventure.

  1. Never Stop Brainstorming 

Have you ever been standing in line for coffee and thought of something great to write about or share? Write it down.

Make a note on your phone and then come back to it later. It’s important to write down ALL of your ideas, even the silly ones! Inspiration can come from anywhere, so always keep your eyes peeled and your mind open. In those moments where you feel like you just have to write something down or you just have to take that picture, do it! The moments where creativity naturally flows through you are the most important feelings to nourish.

  1. Take the Road Less Traveled

The best way to create great content on the road is to have a story to tell. Challenge yourself to stay adventurous. Scare yourself a little. Get the adrenaline pumping through your veins. The best memories come from those you never expected to happen. So, keep your life interesting.

Try something new, visit a new country, take the unmarked trail or the winding dirt road. Diving into the unknown is scary, but after the first few adventures it isn’t so bad. After all, life works in mysterious ways.

  1. Share What You Know

Even though it’s fun to share new experiences and ideas, don’t be afraid to share your old ones too! Are you wildly passionate about something? Share it! You may find other people out there passionate about the same thing. You may relate to more people out there than you think.

  1. Be Fearless

Most importantly, stay fearless. Don’t constrain your creative talent. If you have an idea or story that you are scared to share, do it anyways. That means it is worth sharing, and other people will want to hear it. So, be fearless in the pursuit of creating content. Odds are, your greatest works will come of it.

Another great tactic, when you sit down to create, is to ask yourself what would you write/capture/film if no one else saw it? Then ask yourself what the audience may want to see. Mix these two answers together and you have a recipe to create unique, targeted, passionate content.


Creating content can be super fun and easy, as long as you stay inspired, determined and fearless! Be yourself and create content that you are passionate about. Most importantly, stay adventurous and challenge yourself to live beyond your comfort zone.