7 Tips for Growing Pinterest Followers

Pinterest is focused on discovery and inspiration, providing a great way to connect with your current clients and to increase Pinterest followers. This is especially the case since the site has over 250 million monthly active users. If one of your social media marketing goals include determining how to get more followers on Pinterest, the following tips will help.

  1. Post Original, High Quality Photos

Pinterest is a very visually based site so it’s crucial that only excellent quality photos are pinned. Any images you post to Pinterest need to be original, high quality and aesthetically pleasing. They also need to fit the site’s size requirements for optimum effect.

  1. Use Rich Pins

A great way to grow Pinterest followers is by using Rich Pins. These Pins make it possible for you to include additional information regarding a recipe, article, product, or app inside the Pin, providing your readers with a sneak peek at the link before they click on it. Even better, Rich Pins update in real-time, so you don’t have to update Pins to reflect changes like price cuts.

Recipe Pins

Recipe Pins showcase recipes, getting those who enjoy cooking excited by providing all the right details, including ingredients, cooking times, serving sizes, etc.

Article Pins

Article Pins help fellow Pinners save stories that they care about. These Pins display info that includes the author, headline and story description.

Product Pins

These Pins make shopping easier for Pinterest followers by providing info that includes current pricing, availability and where they can purchase the product.

App Pins

These Pins help people discover and download apps without ever having to leave Pinterest by including an install button.

  1. Use Keywords

Pinterest is basically a search engine, so it’s important that your content is enhanced for discoverability. Be sure that your descriptions include relevant keywords and hashtags, so you show up in the best suited searches.

  1. Using Hashtags

Using relevant hashtags will help get your content into your desired hashtag feed, providing a highly effective way to grow Pinterest followers. You can’t go back and add hashtags to previous Pins, but you can add them to new ones from now on.

  1. Promoted Pins

In contrast to other social media site ads, Promoted Pins mix in with Pinboards and search results. In other words, they show up as standard pins with the addition of a small “Promoted by” icon to distinguish them from basic Pins. Pinterest has said that Promoted Pins outshine the overall marketing average (offline and digital) by approximately 45%, making it a worthy investment for growing Pinterest followers.

  1. Join Pinterest Group Boards

Pinterest group Boards are a great way to grow your Pinterest followers. When first starting out, look for high quality groups that fall into your niche. Get in touch with the board owner. Odds are good that you’ll be accepted if you’re an appropriate fit.

  1. Understand Pinterest’s Algorithms

Similar to any search engine algorithm, Pinterest’s are complex. The important thing to keep in mind is that there are four primary factors that are known to influence whether your pins will show up on Pinterest – Pin quality, relevance, Pinner quality and domain quality. In other words, being the best you can be in terms of quality will improve SEO and help grow Pinterest followers.

Pinterest is among the highest converting social media platforms online, one that should definitely be part of your marketing strategy. All you need to do to grow your Pinterest followers is to take advantage of the tips listed here and consistently add quality Pins every day.



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