6 American-Made Tools You Need To Know

America is known for its high-quality power and hand tools. Some companies in the U.S.A. commit themselves to make unique tools. They invest a lot of money to create job opportunities for many people. Many people like American made tools. They contain a stamp of approval to assure clients that relevant authorities have tested and certified them. We present to you six top American tool brands to consider.

1. Proto

Proto is a popular tool brand in the U.S.A. The firm produces advanced Duratek screwdrivers and spline-ratcheting wrenches. It has affordable and reliable ratchets. Also, Proto manufactures great accessories including ratchet adapters and locking extensions for breaker bars.

You can place an order at Black & Decker umbrella if you can’t find a particular tool at Proto. The brand collaborates with other firms such as Facom to produce compact and versatile angled socket wrenches. You can face the wrenches on threaded rods.

2. The Ergonomic Shovel

Most American startups do not venture into shovel production. It is tricky for them to raise funds through Kickstarter. However, Bosse introduced a rotating middle handle to ordinary shovels. They improve your posture to minimize back strain. Besides, they alleviate wrist pain by changing the pronated position of your wrist.

Use both hands while lifting objects to reduce shoulder injury. It evenly distributes pressure across your chest and shoulders. Bosse is currently processing many ergonomic shovel orders. They are not yet available in some countries. However, the firm applies a unique creativity to manufacture different tools.

3. Leatherman Multitools

Leatherman is the leading manufacturer of multitools in the U.S. The Oregon-based company has been operating since 1983. It produces distinct tools with a particular type of fans. Usually, when a certain product becomes a generic name for tools, an organization can easily introduce other tools.

4. Bushnell and Vaughn Hammers

Vaughn is popular for its prying and striking tools. It started operating in 1869 as a family business. Currently, the fifth generation members of the Vaughn business manage the firm. Most modern hammers have simple designs. However, Vaughn hammers have a unique curve at the claw which determines the shape of its head. Vaughn performs regular field tests to improve and maintain the quality of their hammers.

5. Derma-Safe Utility Razor

Most homeowners lack a sharp utility knife in their kitchens. It is prudent to have particular American tool brands for utility use. The Derma-Safe Utility razor is useful in performing tasks such as cleaning edges, scraping residue on delicate surfaces and cutting through sheet materials. Besides, you can store them with other cutlery. The razor is customized for military operations.

6. Yost Reversible Bench Vice

Craftsmen and mechanics use vices regularly. They are common tools in most garages. Yost produces a high-tech heavy-duty bench vice that is made of heavy-duty iron. It has a 360-degree base that allows you to adjust the vice at right angles. Also, you can easily reverse or replace its jaws for extra versatility.

Many people look out for tools with the “made in America” label when shopping at Suncoast Precision Tools. Recent reports indicate that most Americans prefer buying American tool brands. Some clients are willing to pay more money for certain products. However, such products need to of higher quality than similar products from other countries.