5 Times To Avoid Reselling Hosting

Starting a website is challenging and one of the first choices you need to make is selecting your webhost. This is difficult because there are so many factors you need to consider when starting out. However, an alternative that many people are unaware of is reseller hosting.

Reseller hosting is when a third party purchases the drive space and bandwidth of a web hosting company. That third party can now sell some of the space they purchased for a much cheaper price than the webhost. While this can be appealing to beginners, there are a few reasons why you may want to avoid this.


When a reseller is purchasing bandwidth and drive space to sell, they are not responsible for maintaining it. What this means is that you are still dependent on the web host’s service quality instead of the reseller. If you are unhappy with your service, the third party you purchased it from cannot help you.

Thus, the quality of the service you are paying for is completely out of your control and that is unacceptable for a website. However, keep in mind, most reseller hosting options will tell you the actual web host’s name. If you base your choice on their reviews, you can still have a good experience, but this may be worth avoiding.

One Server

Much like a shared hosting package, you will be on the exact same server that every other customer is on. While this helps keeps the price very low, there are some serious drawbacks. As every web developer should know, most of the traffic your will receive will come from search engines like Google. You will rank higher if your website has better search engine optimization practices.

However, all of it is meaningless if your virtual neighbor decides to release malicious content on their website. Search engines really do not like these types of sites and make sure they rank lower. Not only do they make sure they rank lower, but this will affect every website on that server. Thus, you are no longer in control of how well your website will rank. For this reason, it is best to avoid both reseller hosting and shared hosting packages.

Limited Support

Are you brand new to running a website? If so, you are going to have a lot of questions and some resellers do not have the time to help. Unlike web hosting companies, most reseller hosting providers do not have dedicated support teams to help you solve problems. While this may not be a deal breaker for experienced web developers, it should certainly be for new ones.

Missing cPanel

If you are purchasing from a brand-new reseller, you may find that your cPanel is not available. Remember how everyone is on one server? If they are not careful anyone on that server can alter files on your website.A reseller needs to go through a few steps to give you access to a cPanel and ensure that others cannot alter your files. And sometimes that option is missing when an inexperienced reseller is starting out.

Transfers Get Complicated

Transferring a website has become really easy to do over the years, but that is because web host providers have the resources and years of experience. This cannot be said for all resellers. There is a good chance if you want to transfer your website from a shared hosting package to a reseller hosting package, there may be some complications.


While reseller hosting is much cheaper than traditional web hosting, there are definitely disadvantages associated with it. While these drawbacks are not true for every reseller hosting provider, they are true for many of them. As a web developer, you are at the mercy of your web host when it comes to keeping your website online.

For this reason, a lot of thought goes into selecting a web host and for the most part reseller hosting can work very well for a new website. However, the services you are purchasing are only as good as the services the reseller has purchased. Instead of being at the mercy of your web host, you are now at the mercy of your reseller who is at the mercy of a web host.

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