5 Qualities to Look for and Find in the Best Event Planner

Whatever type of event you are planning: a conference, meeting, company anniversary, or even a birthday party, your main goals are to ensure that everything goes well and everyone who attends leaves satisfied.

For individuals planning their first important event, reaching these goals may seem like a tall order. But as long you work with an event planner, achieving your objectives won’t be impossible.

However, you can’t simply hire the first event management company you come across online or which is recommended to you. To ensure the success of your event, you need to work with an excellent event planner.

If you’re looking for the best event planner in Dubai, for example, make sure the one you hire has these important traits:

1.    Good organizational skills

Successful event planners are similar to jugglers. They need to handle different parts of an event: finding the right venue, planning a vegan and non-vegan menu, creating the program, etc.

Although all these elements are considered independent from each other, the planner should have a handle on and keep track of each of these essential parts. When he or she fails to do so, the event can end up with disastrous results.

A good event planner, therefore, should be one that is organized. He or she needs to set feasible timelines and should also always stay ahead of the schedule.

This is a quality that you can easily find in the best event planners. They are the ones who always have important dates, requests, and other things jotted down or on their checklist. When they have all this information written or saved and properly systematized, they won’t miss anything vital to the event.

2.    A keen eye for detail

Working with a planner who pays attention even to the smallest details will work to your great advantage. Keep in mind that even a small event has hundreds of details which need to be taken care of. If the planner doesn’t take note of any of these or neglects them, you will end up having a lackluster event.

It is also important to remember that the tiny details in an event are the ones that many guests or attendees remember. An incorrectly spelled name of a speaker, for instance, is something that many guests and the speaker may take offense in and will remember for a long time. Conversely, choosing flowers that complement the reason for the event is something that can impress the attendees immediately.

If you want your event and your company to leave a great impression on your guests, make sure you hire a planner who pays attention even to the finer details of the event.

3.    Excellent people skills

Event planners work with people all the time, and they often do this while under stress.

The right event planner to work with is someone who can remain calm and keep a level head all the time while working with others. He or she should know how to build relationships and maintain them, especially with vendors, suppliers, and other people they will constantly work with.

Most of all, a good event planner should be comfortable and confident when dealing with his or her clients regardless of the situation.

4.    Exceptional communication skills

Since event planners will be constantly coordinating with their clients, service providers, and other people, they need to have superb communication skills. They should have a high level of comprehension and excellent listening skills as well so that everyone involved in the event is on the same page and on the right track.

The most successful event planners communicate in a way that is respectful to everyone. They also accept criticism well and are open to new ideas shared by their client or by anyone else involved.

You can quickly gauge the communication skills of your potential event planner by the way he or she speaks and listens to you during your first meeting. You can also assess this through the emails and other types of communication you receive from the planner.

5.    Creativity and resourcefulness

Creativity is something that will come in handy during event planning. If you want the event to be unique or to stand out, you will benefit from the ideas of a planner who can think outside the box. He or she should be able to offer exceptional concepts based on his or her experience and research.

Additionally, a planner with an agile mind to put things together even with limited resources and time will also ensure that your event will go smoothly. This is a quality that will be extremely useful when an emergency comes up before or during the event.

The process of choosing the right event planner is similar to hiring a new employee. During the interview, find out if the planner possesses the qualities listed above. And don’t forget to ask for recommendations.

When you screen your potential planner properly, you will have a higher chance of having a successful, memorable event.


Charlotte Manzi is the Creative & Project Director at BlueInk Event Management in Dubai. Launched in 2012, BlueInk provides its clients with bespoke, best-in-class event management services. The team’s pursuit of going beyond satisfaction enables them to advise, manage and execute extraordinary experiences that are exceptional and unforgettable.