4 Unique Advantages Of Folded Carton Packaging

There’s nothing that can beat the class and sophistication of printed folded carton packaging by companies like Netpak for a number of reasons listed below.

  • These companies use start-of-art technology for perfect customization, according to client’s requirements
  • They have a pool of designers to come up with unique ideas to raise the sales value of the products
  • They offer detailed customer assistance from the time you place your order until the packaging is completed
  • The packaging is sturdy and durable and completely worth the money you invest
  • They have their own inventory stock so that the production is not delayed. As a result, the supply of your product doesn’t slow down. In other words, folded cartons are quite economical

4 Must Know Advantages Of Folded Carton Packaging That Every Business Owner Should Be Aware Of

Folded carton packaging is the new thing that’s overshadowing all other means of safe transformation. The industries that can benefit the most from them include the following.

  • Pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries
  • Food and beverages industries
  • Retail and tobacco industries
  • Electronic and health supplies

And the 5 best advantages of folded carton packaging for your company are given below.

  1. Folded cartons are made with a strong paperboard that keeps the products safe from all kinds of damages that can happen during transportation. Also, the cartons can be made moisture proof to keep the products fresh.  
  2. Printed folded cartons are the best ways to promote any product. Designers come up with enticing ideas about the shape of the cartons and the colors for printing. It increases the worth of your product and makes it look way more sophisticated and classy than other products of the same kind.
  3. Folded cartons pose no threat to the environment since they are made with non-toxic materials that can be recycled. Besides, different cartons offer different strength level that depends upon the weight of the product. You can choose the strongest paperwork with more thickness for cushioning heavier products for damage-free transportation and supply.
  4. Folded cartons can be manufactured quickly. It means lesser production time. Also, they save a lot of money because their production cost is lower than many other packaging materials. Besides, the shipping cost of folded cartons is much less. All in all, you end up getting the best protection at highly competitive rates.

On a closing note, folded cartons are the best low-cost investments with a great market and sales value.